On behalf of all the service members participating in MusiCorps and their families, a genuine and heartfelt thanks to all the individuals, organizations, and corporations that have provided support.


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This gives us a piece of us back. For some guys it’s a brand new beginning for them. It’s really nice to see the transition in people. It was nice to feel the transition.

- SGT Nicholas Firth

“On May 20, 2010 I was hit with an RPG in Afghanistan and sustained shrapnel to my face, neck, legs, and arms. I was permanently blinded in my left eye, almost lost my right arm but thanks to the great work of the doctors was able to keep it, but have limited feeling and strength. I also suffered traumatic brain injury which affects my memory, speech, and overall brain function. I am very fortunate to be where I am in the healing process and lucky to be alive.

I wanted to play the guitar but thought that the loss of feeling in my hand combined with slight brain injury and the fact that I was never that musically inclined anyway would keep me from learning. MusiCorps taught me otherwise though. They showed me that my injuries don’t have to hold me back from doing anything. About 9 months ago I wasn’t able to walk or even sit up without help. Since then along with playing the guitar I have walked a 5k, went rock climbing, and been hiking. MusiCorps helped me gain the confidence to go out and attempt these normal life activities again. MusiCorps showed me that my injuries don’t have to hold me back from doing anything. So by helping MusiCorps you are not just helping a soldier learn to play music but also helping him get back to normal life.”

- SGT Levi Crawford